Dance Class for 9-14-year-olds

Junior Dance Class in Stratford
Startford Circus Art Centre - Thursday @ 17:30

This class is open to all who are willing to get into dance. Our Junior group continues to explore the world of dance, by getting to learn and understand different dance styles and it's elements. Acrobatic part of the class, starting to be more complex. Therefore, we work a lot on strengthening all muscle groups. Students will start to get acquainted with the barre and we would expect everybody to do the splits who complete the full academic year.

We would enrol students to participate in dance competitions, to start getting to understand the world of competitive dancing. That would as well help kids to overcome stage fright and build upon their confidence and self-discipline.

Class duration is 90 minutes. During this time students will be learning classical ballet, basic acrobatic and choreography.

Term Timetable

Autumn Term 6th of September - 20th of December 2018

Winter Term 9th January - 4th April 2019

Summer Term 25th April - 25th of July 2019

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Lead Choreographer

Junior Dance Class in Stratford Choreographer

Lilia Mitatii

Dancers don't need wings to fly! And that what we teach them here. We give them wings of strength and confidence. Wings of self-discipline and friendships. They learn how to express emotions and cope with them, when on stage. And more importantly, they learn mental resilience and creativity to conquer the world.