Dance Class for 4-8-year-olds

Kids Dance Class in Stratford
Stratford Circus Art Centre - Thursday @ 16:30

This class builds on childrens' key motor skills and establishes the fundamentals of musicality, movement and creativity. Students are encouraged to develop their imagination and communication skills, helping them to build confidence. Music and rhythm is a central focus of this class.

As soon as we see mastery in this elements we work more on developing flexibility and strength, with an emphasis on strengthening the core muscles of the spine, stomach and feet. That is combined with a focus on understanding initial positions of the arms, legs, dance steps, jumps and poses. We encourage kids to improvise and look for their unique style.

Class duration is 60 minutes. During this time students will be learning classical ballet, basic acrobatic and choreography.

Term Timetable

Autumn Term 6th of September - 20th of December 2018

Winter Term 9th January - 4th April 2019

Summer Term 25th April - 25th of July 2019

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Lead Choreographer

Kids Dance Class in Stratford

Lilia Mitatii

I want to give every child an opportunity to fall in love with dancing. It is liberating when you can move your body as you please and everyone deserves an opportunity to learn to do that. My main aim is to develop creativity, self-confidence and self-discipline in my students. As those would give them a competitive advantage in their future.