Commercial Dance Class

Commercial Dance Class in Stratford
Atherton Leicure Centre - Wednesday @ 20:00

If you’ve long been hoping to find your inner-Beyonce or channel Shakira, JLo or another superstar? This is the class for you. Our Commercial Dance course is fast, funky and energetic. As well as teaching you some moves that you can put to good use on the dance floor, it will get you moving like never before!

It is perfect for those with little or no experience in dance and for those looking to learn new moves in a fun and welcoming environment.


The course will teach you several choreography routines:

- It will provide an introduction to stage presence and confidence walk

- Body positioning and body isolations, with sexuality exploration

- Learn feeling expression through movement and inner block elimination

Once mastered you may want to take part in filming the routines you learned to become part of legacy.

Class prices

Drop in class £10

Bring a friend with 2 for £16

Lead Instructor

Calum Sterling

Welcome to a wonderful world of Dance. I sincerely hope that everybody joining our class will find harmony with their body and soul. I am commited of helpting all my students to achieve the goals they set for themselves. Some want to learn sexy moves, some want to learn dance tricks and some just want to learn great choreography. I will hold your hand on this journey or Freedom of Movement.