Professional Dance Class Training in E15

  • Kids Dance Class (4-8-year-olds)
  • Junior Dance Class (9-14-year-olds)
  • Teen Dance Class (15-18-year-olds)

Kids Dance Class (4-8-year-olds)

Kids DanceWithUs group in Stratford
First Steps into the dance worlds

We know how much energy our little dancers have, however, they are not yet ready to dance for that long. So we have designed a really fun and entertaining class, that challenges and develops their flexibility, balance and coordination.

The class is 60 minutes long. It is perfect to get all the extra energy out, but not too tiring for the little ones.

We break the class into 3 components: ballet, acrobatics and choreography. We aim to give all the foundation little stars would require to progress in any dance style in the future. We build up their muscle strength slowly with teaching them stretching techniques, which are not painful and concentrate on breathing.

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Junior Dance Class (9-14-year-olds)

Junior DanceWithUs group in Stratford
Wonderful world of competitive dance

Our Junior group develops upon learned skills as well as allow newbies who join in progress faster and learn or the required basics. We understand that at this age, every child wants to shine! And we give them an opportunity to perform and compete. That gives them an opportunity to share their talent, see the competition and develop upon their artistic skills.

Dance is more about emotions and performance, rather than just technique. And though there would be a lot of time spent studying the technique, we will start shifting attention to performance skills as well.

The class is longer now - 90 minutes, so there is enough time to do ballet, stretching and choreography. We will start learning some acrobatics tricks as well, but we will first make sure there is enough muscle strength to do so.

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Teen Dance Class (15-18-year-olds)

Teen DanceWithUs Group in Stratford
Join our world of Performing Art

We are still on the look for our Teen dancers, while we are growing our own. We have professional choreographers in different styles ready to action. However, we need to gather groups first.

If you are interested to learn more, check out styles and teachers on offer. And leave your details so we can get in touch, when classes would become available.