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Dance Studio has become a unique place where teenagers, children, and adults can enjoy the art of dancing.

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Who we are

I am not a professional dancer or an elite sportsperson. I am a woman and a mum and I know that I need music and dance in my life to keep me happy and share this happiness with the ones I love. I don’t want to be a dancer, but I want to feel freedom in my moves and not to feel stiff after sitting in front of the computer working or rushing around with buggy.

So that brought me to idea to join forces with professional dancers who may teach me all of that and finally find my happiness. As I am not the one, who keep it all to herself I wish to share that with each and everyone who feels the same way that I do.

Who wants to have some time away from troubles during the week, without thinking about issues, troubles, without any pressure of losing weight or anything else. It does not meter what you do, who you are or which size you are. We are all amazing in our own way. Therefore, let’s embrace us!

Our Classes Information

This class is design to have fun and learn new dance routines every class that you may show off at home or on the dance floor as current hits are used. In order for you to be able to dance like a pro, class starts with warm-up and basic move break down and finishes with proper stretch. And when I mean proper, you will feel couple of inches taller when you leave the room!

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