Acro Dance in Stratford, East London

Acro Dance Lessons in Stratford

Acro dance is a fusion of dance techniques and gymnastics. The Acrobatic Arts programme is based on safe and effective progressions, with proven results in all five divisions of Acrobatics. Students will improve their strength and flexibility in this class.
Acro dance east London stratford
Dance With Us specialises in providing Acro dance classes in Stratford, East London. Our ethos is to combine a love of craft with a love of freedom, generating a space for you to express yourself visibly. Our teaching, training and practice are centred on a philosophy of celebration. To us, embracing movement means embracing newness, and we aim to form a community around physical performance that openly allows you to freely create.

The Technique

Acro Dance is a fusion of dance and gymnastics, providing an expressive mode of movement that incorporates stretching, choreography and symmetry organically. Seamlessly blending classical dance elements with acrobatic manoeuvres, the form creates a visually stunning and dynamic display. With a strong emphasis on strength, flexibility and balance, the style is characterised by gravity-defying lifts, tumbling sequences and controlled contortionist movements. Encompassing a range of skills, from handstands and backbends to aerials and partner balances, the form demands not only technical precision, versatility and athleticism but also asks dancers to convey emotion and storytelling through their movements, making it a captivating and multidimensional art form.

Acro Beginners

Our acro for beginners classes in Stratford are for children to self-express freely, in their hands and feet, combining energetic choreography with playful acrobatic elements to allow young dancers to express themselves. From cartwheels and handstands to gallops and splits, our classes teach the foundations of the form in an accessible way, incorporating practical choreography to impart skill and formal development.

Acro Pre-Intermediate

Acro Pre-Intermediate is developmental, focusing on strategy and structure to hone in on technique. Learning aerials, flips and complex group pyramids, the stage demands stamina and commitment to fully deliver. It’s active, aimed at performance that’s strengthened by profound group work. Together, we grow, learning to dance with style, star-like quality and flair.

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With profound reviews, we’re proud to work hard to make your dancing feel truly fulfilling. We collaborate with you, operating as a hub of performance, technique and sheer joy to ensure that your workout has the whole package when it comes to practice. We’re emphatic about working with you, in our community, operating as a reliable source of activity for lively engaging, stimulating and vibrant dance lessons in Stratford. Contact our team today to start strutting your stuff!
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