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Ballet is a classical and graceful dance style that focuses on technique, posture and story-telling.
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Dance With Us is a community centred on opening up opportunities to commit to. Ballet, as a form, is centralised on gentleness, precise movement and elegance. Through it, stories are told, staged in ways that show beauty in motion. As a core strand of choreography, it teaches a deep awareness of the body that allows it to perform in ways that stretch, shape and enable it. Through our ballet classes in Stratford, we aim to embed an understanding of the founding principles of the style while developing musicality in ways that are contemporary, complimentary and child-focused.

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Our classes focus on developing a sense of rhythm. Using a sophisticated and nurturing approach, we support the creative growth of our young dancers through considered and refined imaginative play. We focus on cultivating core ballet behaviour from the get-go, laying a solid foundation for the artistic journey. Our experienced instructors use terminology, technique and training to induct each child into the ethos of ballet, emphasising it as a distinguished and gratifying art. We offer Beginner sessions, with our children's ballet in Stratford aimed at ages 3-5 years, or Level 1 training, for children aged 5-8 years. The focus is on fulfilment. Getting involved means experiencing the joy of dance, encouraging deep and developmental self-expression.


Movement is a central element of what we do. Combining technical performance with improvisation, we aspire to offer ballet in ways which involve free-thinking, creative physical output and fluid responses to the form, providing the scope to practice and perform in ways that fulfil personal potential.


Practice, for ballet, forges a type of movement that’s led by structure, grace and precision.
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    Strengthening of the feet, posture and turnout is emphasised, as well as developing new ballet movements on the floor, at the barre and in dances.
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    Reinforcing the core muscles of the spine, stomach and feet is developed through a focus on positioning the arms and legs precisely in collaboration with improvising to classical music.

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Learning ballet is an accruement of artful and resourceful physical development. To us, the opportunity to take up a process that’s steeped in grace and finesse provides ample space to discover, thrive and develop an awareness of your body, your mind and your ability. Imparting this to a child is our primary aim, offering classes that predominantly stimulate integration. Our kids ballet lessons in Stratford, East London are inclusive to 3-year-olds to 8-year-olds. Get in touch to find out more about our dance school in Stratford.
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